Losing the pounds, winning the fight!


Losing the pounds, winning the fight!

“Never give in, never back down, never ever give up!”

My Story

My world collapsed in June 2016 when a bomb was dropped and I realised my marriage had ended completely unannounced and outwith my control. The bomb was dropped on the first morning of a family holiday, I had to endure what seemed like a living nightmare until I could get home to my friends and family. I know it wasn’t the easiest of weeks for those that were away with us at that time. I decided there and then that I was going to come out stronger, better and happier. I had put so much weight on that I was 22.5st. I was super fat and very unhealthy.

When I got back home I started eating sensibly and attended a Clubbercise class which was stepping out of my comfort zone but thoroughly enjoyed it. I made new friends and I had a buzz for the first time in years. Isn’t hindsight a wonderful thing.

I managed to lost some weight but I wanted to do something else. I made a call to Craig McEwan, an ex boxing pro, who was doing 1-2-1 sessions at Clovenstone Boxing Club. This was something I’ve never done or been anywhere close to. Craig got me! He listened to my story and gave me the belief that together we would get to where I wanted to be.

July 2017, a year since that day and I’m now 50lbs lighter, still loving my boxing training and ready to go for the “Fight Of My Life”.

The last year has thrown many challenges – financially, mentally and physically. I’m so much stronger than I was, I’m ready for challenges and more in control of my emotions. I’ve suffered depression but look at life differently. No excuses, only I can make things happen.

I’ve put this site together as I’m now working towards another 50lbs weight loss and training for a fight in the boxing ring as part of a charity event for Clovenstone. I’d like donations towards “my fight” if you can. Visit the DONATE page for more info.

Join me for…..



World of Football kindly support my training costs at Clovenstone.

World Of Football pitches are covered so you can play all year round and feature the latest in 3G technology, the same turf under your feet that Manchester United use in their training facility. 


TaxAssist Corstorphine kindly supply my Fitbit scales and accessories.

TaxAssist provides a wide range of accountancy services including tax returns, annual accounts, payroll and bookkeeping. 


Bulletproof Gymwear kindly supply my funky t-shirts, hoodies etc.

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Fitness & Diet

In the past decade or so, I’ve played badminton and enjoyed running. In 2010 I completed the Great North Run after losing 6 stone. My big mistake was not setting another goal then slowly and surely the weight crept back up, not helped by a demotivating marriage. However, as I said earlier – NO EXCUSES! Ultimately, I was responsible for what went into my mouth and only I could put one foot in front of the other to exercise.

Things are different now, I’m a new person these days. I have more drive and determination to be better in every way possible!

I train 3 times a week with Craig McEwan at Clovenstone Boxing Gym. This is a mixture of pad work, bag work and circuits. I’m about to start sparring with the intention of training to fight in around March 2018 – THE FIGHT OF MY LIFE! I want to lose so much weight and be so fit that I get a licence from Boxing Scotland and permission to fight. No small challenge but massive reward. Of course, I want to win! Follow my progress in the BLOG.

I also attend Clubbercise classes on a Thursday night. I can’t thank Julie Nisbet enough for allowing me to get involved so soon after the marriage split. I was at my lowest ebb emotionally and this did wonders. Some mates have raised an eyebrow at my attendance of these classes but dancing is great for the mind and the soul. It also helps when you’re the only bloke.




I started off cutting carbs before being introduced to Slimming World which didn’t work for me. I’m not going to start slating diet plans or groups. One thing I’ve learnt to accept recently is that we’re all different and what works for one person won’t work for another. I’ve a couple of good friends who have had considerable success at SW. I hope it continues to work for them and they maintain their goal weight.

I’m now eating a Ketogenic diet – Low Carb High Fat. I enjoy it although it’s really hard to get your head around. The principles however make so much sense. Good fats are good for you, sugars are bad. Low fat has sugar in it to compensate for the lack of taste my removing the fat. If you deplete your body of carbohydrates as the energy source then it produces ketones and uses the fat store. 


Clovenstone Boxing Club is a special place. Bad attitudes are left outside the door. It’s a charity that has been established since 1993 and has been changing lives ever since. I’d like to raise as much money as possible to donate to the club for renovations – a new shower, upgrading the changing facilities, new flooring and mirrors etc. This isn’t a sponsored run so you cant pay per mile, this is an ongoing fundraiser while I lose more weight and train for my fight. Please donate what you can, every £ will help. Perhaps you know someone who could offer support in other ways. Please get in touch through the CONTACT form.

Many thanks – Martin


“All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.”